Pozo Negro - Beach, Fuerteventura, Canary Islands, Spain
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Pozo Negro - Beach
Pozo Negro - Beach
Now I bet you're looking at this little place and wondering what on earth we were doing here? Nothing to write home about?

Hmmmmm. It is a quiet little bay, curving and stoney. The beach seemed almost deserted and it was possibly not the most sheltered on the island (actually, it was EXTREMELY windy).

However, its most attractive feature was the smattering of exceptional fish restaurants along the beach. We sat (behind a perspex wind break) enjoying the view and the fresh air, while feasting on an enormous paella, along with huge, extended families of hungry locals. It's a far cry from the tourist trap of Corralejo and Morro Jable, but this is the real Fuerteventura.

Pozo Negro - Beach - Fuerteventura, Islas Canarias.
Review by Corinne. Summer 2009.

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Virtual Reality Tours of 1000's of locations throught the UK and Europe by Red Door VR Ltd. Location: Pozo Negro - Beach | Panorama Creation Date: 09/05/2009 15:09:09 | Publication Date 31st August 2011 | GPS Location Latitude and Longitude 28.32195, -13.89572